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The Shrubbery Hotel, Ilminster

Client:    The Shrubbery Hotel, Ilminster
Category: Commercial
System: 10 kWp PV
Energy produced: 9,678.70 kwh


December 2011


Rome Farm, Monmouth

Client:    Rome Farm, Monmouth
20 Panel Ground mounted
Category: Domestic
System: 3.9 kWp PV
Energy produced: 3,608 kwh


November  2011


Online Coatings

Client:    Online Coatings
Category: Commercial
System: 77.42 kWp PV
Energy produced: 69,008 kwh
Completed: Jan 2014


Nailsea Power Cleaning

Client:    Nailsea Power Cleaning
Category: Commercial
System: 9.94 kWp PV
Energy produced: 8,528.30 kwh


July 2012


Midgell Farm, Chelvey

Client:    Midgell Farm, Chelvey
Category: Domestic
System: 9.6 kWp PV
Energy produced: 9,655 kwh


February  2012


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