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Annual Energy Bills 'To Rocket By 2020'

Annual household energy bills could rise by more than £600 within seven years so power companies can keep the lights on. In an article published by Sky News it would mean that the average bill would exceed £2,000 a year even if wholesale costs of gas and electricity remain stable - an annual rise of £640 per household. This is a massive chunk potentially on everyone's bills. This means one thing: that household bills are set to rise, and to rise for many people very steeply for the foreseeable future.

What better way to combat this than by installation a domestic home solar system to not only earn money form the Government backed Feed in Tariff scheme for the next 20 years, but also by safeguarding yourselves against these energy price rises. By installing a solar system, any increase in the price of electricity will be offset by the Free Electricity you generate through the solar system.

Find out more - Source. Sky News 14th March 2014

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