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    Single ply roofing

    Single ply roofing

    Single-ply membrane roofing systems enjoy huge popularity in the residential housing sector, both for new construction and refurbishment of existing roofs. Why? These systems are versatile, durable and sustainable.

    Heat, cold, rain, sunshine… no matter what the weather conditions are today or to- morrow, single-ply membrane systems stand up to almost anything.


    Forget rein- forcing joists and roof decking, single-ply membrane systems are among the lightest weight roofing materials on the market today.

    Whether it is acid rain, air pollution or other manmade causes, a single- ply membrane roof easily withstands the daily assaults a roof is naturally exposed to.


    While single-ply membrane systems might initially cost more than cheaper alternatives, their longer product life, strength and durability make them the more cost- effective choice over time. 


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